About LittleList

The UK's first dedicated shopping service and newborn baby registry for expectant parents: we help growing families prepare for their baby, with tailored advice and the option to shop or share their wish list.

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We know what new parents need

Our friendly and seriously clued-up team help growing families get ready for their new arrival, offering valuable (but free!) advice tailored to their lifestyle, budget and tastes, alongside the chance to shop or share their newborn baby wish list. After a bit of hand-holding from LittleList, parents feel less overwhelmed and more prepared - and excited!

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The perfect newborn gift registry

It's goodbye to gadgets you won't use (and 15 identical bunnies) and hello to a personalised newborn shopping experience - without the clutter.

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We get the whole family involved

Sharing your baby's wish list (if you want to!) makes your loved ones feel included from day one - and confident that their choice of gift will be a hit. They can even offer up any pre-loved items lurking in the loft.

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We take away the ick factor

Asking for what you want doesn't need to feel awkward - we normalise sharing a newborn gift registry. Plus it's totally optional; you can simply use LittleList as your personal shopping list too.

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We're always by your side

Our team of Baby Brains (LittleList's in-house experts) will leave you feeling calm and prepared. Let's get excited about your baby together!

Want to know more?

Visit our FAQs to find out how to get the most out of our revolutionary new service.