LittleList FAQs

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The need to knows

So, what's LittleList all about then?
LittleList is the UK’s first dedicated baby registry service which offers you the chance to shop or share your newborn checklist. We help you find what you need – and then enable you to either buy it yourself or open it up to your loved ones.We know from experience that there are a LOT of big decisions to make when it comes to having a baby. So, we wanted to take the stress and overwhelm out of the process by holding your hand every step of the way. (Well, apart from during the actual birth…). Once you’ve created your free account, our experts will guide you to figure out what you need - and what you want - and help you compile your wish list - from buggies to bibs. Once your list is complete, you can buy all the kit yourself or share your list with friends and family. Then comes the best bit… Sitting back and waiting for ​​your second most exciting delivery of the year!
Does it cost money to use LittleList?
LittleList is a completely free service. That means you can browse baby equipment to your heart’s content without paying a penny. You’ll only need to grab your wallet when it comes to checkout if you’re buying items for yourself. (Of course, if you’re sharing your baby registry with family and friends who are super generous, you might not even need to do that!)
Sharing a baby registry feels a bit awkward. I know people do gift lists for weddings, but not babies...
The way we see it, your friends and family will definitely want to buy you something anyway – they're almost as excited as you are! With LittleList, it means you’ll actually get the things you want and need, rather than ten identical stuffed toys, cute as they are. Cutting down on waste is a big priority for us.Of course, you don’t have to share your LittleList with anyone. You can just use it to research and compile your baby checklist, and then foot the bill yourself. It’s totally flexible.
What happens if I want to see stuff in real life before I commit?
We hear you – and unfortunately, it’s something that’s become increasingly tricky over recent years, with many of the former baby shop behemoths shutting down their bricks and mortar stores or dramatically downsizing. Our Baby Brains have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things baby and experience of all of our products, so we’re confident they can provide you with the insight you need.And if you’ve really got your heart set on holding that baby monitor in your hands… Watch this space. We intend to open a real-life showroom soon!
I like the sound of LittleList, but how does it actually work?
First things first: we want to hear about you. You’ll tell us your due date and then we get to work personalising your LittleList journey with relevant advice and tips for your stage of pregnancy. After that, you can start browsing our wide catalogue of products and add them to your baby wishlist! (If you have no idea where to start, our team of Baby Brains are ready and raring to help you find everything you need.)It’s not only stuffed toys and swaddles on LittleList! Your loved ones can contribute towards Group Gifts and offer up any items they have lurking in their lofts too. Let your loved ones know you’re open to taking things off their hands by using our ‘pre-loved’ feature.Once you’ve got everything you could ever wish for on your registry, you can publish your LittleList and share it with your family and friends (via email, WhatsApp, social media, carrier pigeon…) To ensure you have all your baby stuff by the time the nesting instincts kick in (at about 33 weeks), we’ll need 6 weeks to get your order together. That means you’ll want to have your registry list finished and paid for at around the 27-week mark. If you’re happier to leave things until later than 33 weeks, then you’ll have more time to curate your registry.
What are the must-haves for a baby registry?
Every new parent's situation is different, and that means that every new parent will have different must-haves. Thankfully, our Baby Brains - our superstar customer care team of experts on all things parenting - are on-hand to help you build your baby list for the arrival of your little one (and, just as crucially, which products you can leave on the metaphorical shelf.)
Can I change my personal information once I’ve made my LittleList account?
Moving house? New phone number? Taken up a new career as a secret agent and need to change your name? No worries! You can change your personal information in your settings.
Do friends and family need a LittleList account to buy me a gift?
Nope! While you will need a LittleList account to create your baby registry, your family and friends can just click through and start gifting - no account needed.
How does LittleList help care for the environment?
We’re all about reducing waste at LittleList. You might have already heard about our pre-loved feature. If you know anyone that also has a LittleList, you can offer up some of your used electrical baby items and give them a new home.If you can’t give the electrical item a new home, we’ve got you covered. We’re members of the national distributor take-back scheme (DTS.) That means that we pay to support recycling centres run by local authorities.Once your LittleList box arrives at your door, you can take all your old electrical baby items to your local recycling centre, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit for the environment.Read more about the national distributor take-back scheme (DTS) and how to dispose of your old baby electrical items here.

Creating your LittleList

How do I actually create my account on LittleList?
It’s simple: you can click here to follow our quick and easy onboarding process. It takes less than a minute to sign up. All we need is your name, due date and contact details, and you’ll receive a welcome email.
What should I do first once I’ve created an account?
This is when the fun starts! It’s time to work out what you do and don’t need for your baby. Our resident Baby Brains are our dedicated shopping squad who have all the intel when it comes to baby stuff. You can make a , call or live chat, and they will help you complete your baby list based on the unique wants and needs of you and your growing family.
I don’t know what to add to my LittleList - help!
If you’re a first time parent, you’ve probably spent the past few weeks scrolling every listicle on the web insisting that you MUST buy a £500 vibrating rocking chair for your bundle of joy. Or, you have great aunt Jane telling you what you need, whilst cousin Fran is telling you the exact opposite.Don’t let all the well-meaning noise overwhelm you. When you sign up to LittleList, you’re assigned your very own Baby Brain to hold your hand throughout the entire registry process. A Baby Brain isn’t the foggy, absent-mindedness that you can look forward to a little later down the line. Your Baby Brain is a customer service superstar that has a PhD in baby-ology.Give them a call or shoot them an email any time to discuss anything relating to the arrival of your little one. They’ll tell you everything you need (and, just as important, everything you don’t need,) to add to your LittleList.
So, what does my Baby Brain do?
We know that all families are unique - and we also know that you might be overwhelmed with advice from different well-meaning friends and family members.Your Baby Brain will help you focus on the baby products that matter to you, whether you’re on a budget, starting from scratch, or just supplementing goodies you’ve already bought or been gifted. They’re like a best friend that’s already clued up and is ready to pass on their encyclopaedic knowledge of all things baby.
I’ve figured out what I want; how do I start adding things to my baby gift list?
You can browse all of our products by clicking here, and once you find the right product for you, simply click ‘Add to list’. If you need more than one, use the + and – icons to change the quantity.
What if I want to add products that aren’t on LittleList?
No problem! If you’d like to add a product that isn’t from any of our partner brands (aka all the companies listed on our ‘Brand’ page), you can copy and paste the product link into our clever Custom Product function. You can find our Custom Product function on this page here . It’ll import the product image, name, price and description automatically. We call this a ‘custom product’. You can add up to 10 custom products to your list - so add away!(Please note that we don’t buy or deliver these gifts to you. Once custom products have been purchased by your gifters, the cash fund will be transferred to your bank account upon request.)Alternatively, if you’ve seen something you absolutely love from one of our partner brands but you can’t find the product on LittleList, let us know! If we’re able to source the product through our existing suppliers, we’ll go ahead and do that for you.
How are my gifter contributions protected?
The gifter will either buy a product outright (in which case we order it and hold it in our warehouse until your delivery date) or they will contribute to a gift - but not pay the whole amount. This could be topped up by you or others. In this instance, the money is held in a ring-fenced and secure account.
When should I start my baby registry?
As soon as you like! We’d advise starting your baby registry around week 16 of pregnancy so you’ve got plenty of time to research what you need (or just swoon over the stuff you like…). And you’ll want to finalise your order by week 27 so you can make sure your goodies come before the baby does. We like to think of the LittleList journey with the following dates in mind (but don’t worry if you come at this too early or late - just get in touch if you are unsure)!- 8-16 weeks - you discover LittleList (hurrah!), start reading our amazing guides and articles, and browsing our great products.- 12-20 weeks - you have a clear picture of what you need and with our Baby Brains’ help, you choose what items you want.- 20-27 weeks - you either SHARE your registry with family and friends so that they can gift things (or offer pre-loved alternatives where appropriate) or you SHOP your baby list. Either way, you will be setting a preferred delivery date for when you want things to come (but we recommend around 33 weeks; please note we need 6 weeks to aggregate everything ready to send out to you).- 33 weeks (ish!) - you receive everything for your baby, ready to store, assemble or nest with.
When should I start buying for my baby?
While it can be tempting to dive headfirst into buying tiny, adorable socks as soon as you find out you’re expecting, we’d recommend holding off on any big purchases until you’re 12-weeks pregnant. Once you’re in your second trimester, you can start compiling your LittleList with confidence!
But what if my due date changes?
We know that sometimes your due date can change slightly once you’ve had a scan or two, so and they’ll be happy to help. Once your Baby Brain has changed your due date on the system, you’ll be back to seeing all the correct, personalised content for you and your baby.
How many products should I have on my baby registry?
It’s entirely up to you! Babies might be small, but we know they take up a lot of space; however, that doesn’t mean you need to fill your house with unnecessary stuff, which is why we can help guide you to make sure your LittleList just contains the things you’ll actually use.
What do the icons mean on product pages?
When browsing around, you might have noticed some icons on our product pages. But what do these hieroglyphics mean? No need to bother your local Egyptologist - we’ll demystify these elusive icons for you right now: - The heart icon: You’ll click this icon to let people know you particularly love this product and feel you need it in your life. Anyone that you share your LittleList with will see the icon and know it’s one of your favourite products.- The group icon: By clicking this icon, your friends and family will be able to split the cost of this gift between them. You’ll likely want to click this option on those higher cost items like buggies and furniture.- The pre-loved icon: The icon that has a heart with two arrows going around it is our pre-loved button. This means you’ll happily consider taking this item, or a very similar item, off the hands of your friends and family. They save a little space in their loft, you save a few pennies, and the planet is all the better for it!- The privacy icon: If you’d rather keep an item to yourself, click on the icon that looks like an eye. That means your friends and family won’t be able to see it on your LittleList - but you still will!- The bin icon: At 3AM, that bluetooth-compatible bottle warmer seemed like the best thing ever. In the cold light of day, maybe it’s looking a little less essential. If you’ve changed your mind about a product, give the bin icon a tap to remove it from your list.
What does it mean when I set a gift as accepting pre-loved alternatives?
We know that you’ll want some of your baby’s kit to be new and shiny. We also know that some items are just as good when they’re pre-loved. So, choosing our pre-loved alternatives option is a chance for your friends and family to speak up if they’ve got an equivalent item gathering dust in their loft. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to accept it!)Of course, there are some items that you won’t want to or shouldn’t buy pre-loved for health and hygiene reasons:- Car seats can be pre-loved, but make sure to examine it carefully for damage, make sure the manual is still knocking about, check the manufacturer's advice about how old the seat should be before it needs to be replaced, make sure the seat is suitable for your child's weight and height and is rear-facing for babies under 15 months, try the seat in your car and make sure you can fit it securely & check that the seat meets the United Nations standard Regulation 129 - look for the 'E' mark, or an i-size seat.- Most standard second-hand cots are fine to accept.If you’re accepting a pre-loved dropside cot (a cot with an adjustable side designed to make it easier for shorter parents or those who’ve had a C-section to lift the baby in and out), make sure to do your research. These cots were banned in the US in 2011 due to safety issues, but are still sold in the UK. If you’re taking a pre-loved one, make sure yours meets all safety requirements and has a functioning lock mechanism to keep the side firmly in place. (All the dropside cots you’ll find on LittleList are tested to meet every regulation - so no worries there!)We would recommend that cot mattresses, however, should always be bought new, due to the increased risk of SIDS that appears to be linked to pre-loved mattresses (due to the presence of certain bacteria).- Generally it’s recommended to buy a breast pump new; there are a few slight risks with going for the pre-loved option, namely the potential risk of bacteria and therefore infection.- Buggies and travel systems are generally OK to use pre-loved - just double check all the safety requirements are in ship-shape and it’s suitable for your needs. It might be an idea to get it professionally cleaned too - crumbs, grime and various questionable fluids are likely lurking in those hard to reach crevices.- Clothing, blankets and toys generally have the green light when it comes to pre-loving. Just make sure to chuck them in the wash first!
What happens if a product is discontinued?
We’ll let you know if an item on your list is no longer in stock, and our team of all-knowing Baby Brains will happily suggest alternatives.
What can I do if the gift I’ve selected is now out of stock?
Disaster! An item you had your eye on isn’t in stock anymore. Thankfully, your designated Baby Brain - your go-to, dedicated customer service expert on all things baby - will have plenty of fabulous alternatives that will make you forget all about that old item. (We advise a pint of ice cream and a good romcom if you still find yourself heartbroken.)
How do I edit the photos on my profile?
From ‘Your LittleList’, you’ll be able to tweak lots of things as much as you need to - including all your personal info and profile pictures. This is particularly fun if you are sharing your list with others. And remember it makes it more fun for the people you share your LittleList with too.
Can I add a collaborator to my list?
When you create your account, the default setting is for just your name to appear on your profile. However, you also have the option to display the name of your partner (or whoever is helping you assemble the crib), making it easier for both your friends and family to find your list.Then you can have lots of fun picking out gifts with said partner/Chief Crib Assembler by your side.
Can I use LittleList for different occasions (or different babies!)?
At the moment, your LittleList’s primary use is for the arrival of a new baby. We’re hoping to expand into Christenings and birthdays and all those mega-fun-small-person-things soon.If you’ve used LittleList before (hello again, we missed you!), you can create a whole new account with a new email address for your latest bundle of joy.
Can I have a list just for me and a separate one to share with others?
If there’s a couple products you’d like to keep from prying eyes, you can click on the ‘eye’ icon on any product listing and make it a private item. That way, the top secret product won’t appear on your public list, but will still be visible to you.
How long will my registry stay active for?
Your LittleList will live forever if you’d like to pop back and stare wistfully at how your lovely products looked before they had slobber all over them. But, if you’d like to close your account for any reason, just let your Baby Brain know and they’ll close it for you.Please note that your LittleList will not be visible to others from 90 days after your due date (but your Baby Brain can extend this if needed).

Sharing your LittleList

How do my friends and family access my baby registry?
You can send them the link directly by email or text or even share it on your social channels – don't be shy! People can also search via LittleList by name or registry number too. If they have any questions,
How do I know what gifts have been purchased?
When you’re signed in to your LittleList account, your ‘Gifts’ tab is where you’ll find all the important info - including an up-to-date list of purchases so far (and who they’re from).You could even get ahead of yourself and start writing those thank-you letters before the baby arrives!
Where can I see who’s purchased a gift from my LittleList?
If you fancy a peek at who’s chipped in to your LittleList so far, all you have to do is head to the ‘Gifts’ section of ‘Your LittleList.’ There you’ll find all the names of everyone who has contributed so far.
What is group gifting?
For those big-ticket items, some of your loved ones might want to club together – we can make this happen! It means people can contribute any amount they choose to the total price of the item.
How do I enable group gifting?
On each product on your LittleList, there’s an icon to enable certain items to be purchased by groups; your friends and family will then be able to contribute to the pot. The icon looks like a group of people, so you can’t miss it! If you’re uncertain, we can help.
What happens if a group gift isn’t fully paid for?
If your friends and family have contributed towards a Group Gift, but haven’t quite contributed the full amount, don’t worry! You won’t miss out. You can top up the full value of the item yourself. Or, alternatively, you can use that previously pledged credit to purchase other branded products. You can do this via the Place Order screen, or just ask your Baby Brain and they’ll do all the moving and shaking for you.
What if gifters don’t want to buy online?
Got a friend or family member who isn’t too tech-savvy? No problem. They can order their goodies for you over the phone on 020 4540 4550.
Does LittleList help me with my baby shower?
The baby shower is one of the latest trends to have made its way over the Atlantic to our soggy shores. They can be as flamboyant or as lowkey as you like, but there’s generally always one constant: a whole load of gifts for you and your baby.Your friends and family might not know exactly what you want or need. You might accidentally end up with more soft toys than Hamleys at Christmas. That’s where LittleList comes in! As your one-stop-shop for all things baby, you can highlight everything you’d like to receive in one easy, convenient place. That way, you know what you’re getting and your friends and family know what you’d like. Plus, you'll get all your goodies delivered straight to your door, rather than having to lug them home from your party venue along with half a stone or so of blossoming baby. It’s a win-win all round.


Where does LittleList ship to?
If you live within the UK, you’re in luck! You’ll receive your LittleList order whether you’re an urban pavement pounder or a wholesome country dweller. We ship anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. (And even to Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man!)
When do I get my delivery?
We send your wonderful bundle of baby items to your chosen address with free standard weekday or Saturday delivery - either by week 33 of your pregnancy or on the date you’ve chosen yourself via your LittleList dashboard. Additionally, your bigger items (think nursery furniture) will be delivered directly from the brand, so you’ll have these sooner, to fulfil all those nesting urges.Your Baby Brain will be in touch with you to find a suitable day (and even a 2-hour slot!) that suits you perfectly.
Are there delivery charges?
We include two free deliveries within the UK. Please note, any items on your list that are over 25kg are delivered directly from the supplier (this is likely to be just the biggest items of nursery furniture - even the chunkiest buggies don’t tend to weigh this much!) and these may incur extra delivery costs. Your Baby Brain will be as transparent as possible of the costs in each case.
Where is my LittleList order?
Your Baby Brain (aka our superstar customer care team of experts on all things parenting) will be able to advise you on the status of your order and dates for delivery. Remember that we need around 6 weeks from the order to delivery and take pride in delivering things together as much as possible. Click here to contact your Baby Brain now!


What happens if something arrives damaged or faulty?
Naturally, in the unlikely event that any of your goodies arrive damaged or faulty, we’re here to help! Please ensure you contact your Baby Brain within seven days of receipt with your full name, the address your LittleList is registered to and details (including photographs) of the item in question. We’ll respond as soon as we can and resolve the issue for you.
Is our stuff covered by any warranties or guarantees?
You can benefit from any warranties or guarantees that are offered directly by the brand. When you receive your order, we recommend that you take the time to register your products for any guarantees directly with the brand (you’ll find details in the product packaging).
What happens if I change my mind about what I want?
We don’t want to add to your overwhelm, so we’ve made it easy for you to exchange or return any unwanted items for other products on our site within four weeks, as long as they are unopened and in their original state. You can read our full terms and conditions here. Please note: we unfortunately cannot cover the cost of postage for returns when you’ve changed your mind about a product.
What happens if my baby comes early?
Fewer than 8% of babies are born before 37 weeks gestation, and an even smaller number are born before 33 weeks (aka when we generally deliver your order.) If you do have your baby earlier than expected, though, just let us know and we’ll endeavour to get everything to you as soon as possible.
What if my circumstances change and I want to close my LittleList?
We know that if the worst happens and something goes wrong with your pregnancy, the last thing you need is the extra burden of trying to cancel your order/account, so in this case please email your Baby Brain and we will arrange everything for you.

Something else on your mind?

If you have a question or query that we haven't answered here, we'd love to help, so just get in touch