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Our dedicated team of Baby Brains have the in-depth product knowledge to help you put together a wish list that's perfect for your unique family and lifestyle. We know that there's a steep learning curve to becoming a parent, so we'll answer all of your questions - and some you haven't even thought of yet!

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With over 5,000 of the best baby products, we'll help you find just what you need - from car seats to cuddly toys!

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Too much baby stuff goes to landfill, which is why we help you pinpoint what you actually need - and don't need. Plus, if you share your list with friends and family, you can also invite them to offer up pre-loved items they're getting rid of. Less waste and unnecessary spending, more happy families - it's like your very own trusted marketplace!

All your questions answered

When should I start buying things for my baby?
Start your baby registry as soon as you like! We’d advise starting around week 16 of pregnancy so you’ve got plenty of time to research what you need (or just swoon over the stuff you like…). And you’ll want to finalise your order by week 27 so you can make sure your goodies come before the baby does.
Does LittleList help me with my baby shower?
The baby shower is one of the latest trends to have made its way over the Atlantic to our soggy shores. They can be as flamboyant or as lowkey as you like, but there’s generally always one constant: a whole load of gifts for you and your baby.Your friends and family might not know exactly what you want or need. You might accidentally end up with more soft toys than Hamleys at Christmas. That’s where LittleList comes in! As your one-stop-shop for all things baby, you can highlight everything you’d like to receive in one easy, convenient place. That way, you know what you’re getting and your friends and family know what you’d like. Plus, you'll get all your goodies delivered straight to your door, rather than having to lug them home from your party venue along with half a stone or so of blossoming baby. It’s a win-win all round.
I know people do gift lists for weddings, but do they do them for babies?
The way we see it, your friends and family will definitely want to buy you something anyway – they're almost as excited as you are! With LittleList, it means you’ll actually get the things you want and need, rather than ten identical stuffed toys, cute as they are. Cutting down on waste is a big priority for us.Of course, you don’t have to share your LittleList with anyone. You can just use it to research and compile your baby checklist, and then foot the bill yourself. It’s totally flexible.
What are the must-haves for a baby registry?
Every new parent's situation is different, and that means that every new parent will have different must-haves. Thankfully, our Baby Brains - our superstar customer care team of experts on all things parenting - are on-hand to help you build your baby list for the arrival of your little one (and, just as crucially, which products you can leave on the metaphorical shelf.)
I like the sound of LittleList, but how does it actually work?
First things first: we want to hear about you. You’ll tell us your due date and then we get to work personalising your LittleList journey with relevant advice and tips for your stage of pregnancy. After that, you can start browsing our wide catalogue of products and add them to your baby wishlist! (If you have no idea where to start, our team of Baby Brains are ready and raring to help you find everything you need.)It’s not only stuffed toys and swaddles on LittleList! Your loved ones can contribute towards Group Gifts and offer up any items they have lurking in their lofts too. Let your loved ones know you’re open to taking things off their hands by using our ‘pre-loved’ feature.Once you’ve got everything you could ever wish for on your registry, you can publish your LittleList and share it with your family and friends (via email, WhatsApp, social media, carrier pigeon…)To ensure you have all your baby stuff by the time the nesting instincts kick in (at about 33 weeks), we’ll need 6 weeks to get your order together. That means you’ll want to have your registry list finished and paid for at around the 27-week mark. If you’re happier to leave things until later than 33 weeks, then you’ll have more time to curate your registry.

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